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Creative Changes Hypnosis, LLC

Rev. Lorraine Nacamulli

Certified Consulting Hypnotist, NGH & ​Certified Reiki Master since 2009

Welcome to the Transformational Healing Power of Hypnosis and Reiki. Are you ready to create the life that you long for? Curious about the past and want to know more? Need to change an old habit? Call or email me to set up a free consultation. You can take the first step to create the life that you want. 


Create the change you want in your life... change negative thinking, discover your past lives, build new confidence and learn to move forward with joy!

Reiki Energy Healing

Welcome back your natural self-healing, connect to your divine self and the unconditional love and energy of the universe.


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​Reiki and hypnosis are not medical treatment. I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose. I assist the flow of universal energy into your body with Reiki and use transformational techniques during hypnosis to bring you to your higher self.

If you are currently under the care of a  doctor, please let me know under what capacity. Continue to follow her/his instructions at all times. Reiki and hypnotherapy are not alternative, but complementary modalities.